Proprietary energy-saving solutions focused on brake energy recovery for mass rapid transit (e.g., subways, heavy and light rail) and other modes of public transport (e.g., trams)

Complete set of technological products along with installation and maintenance services required to realize energy savings

Available through Energy Performance Contract, allowing customers to put only a limited down payment while paying in the future only when savings are realized


Generates significant economic value to the customer

  • Saves more than 60% of electricity consumed by electric powered rail vehicles (e.g., trains, trams) by recovering wasted brake energy and releasing it when the vehicle accelerates

  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs of the electric equipment by improving the quality of the power supply: reducing grid overload, eliminating short circuits, controlling voltages, decreasing harmonic currents, and smoothing ripples

  • Allows for further increase in train frequency to accommodate an increase in passenger traffic by reducing strain on the existing power network  

Сompatible with most of the electric-powered rail vehicles and could be easily integrated into the infrastructure

  • Сompatible with any DC-powered electric-powered rail transport

  • Requires only minor software adjustments and no structural modifications to vehicles and infrastructure are needed

  • Due to compact size and lightweight could be located in a technical room at the station or mounted on the vehicle  

Durable, reliable, and completely safe to operate

  • Long service life of more than 25 years

  • Wide operating temperature range from  -40 ° C to +80 °C

  • Complete operational safety, including explosion and bursting proof

  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly and non-hazardous materials


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