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Hybrid Energy Storage 

KEST could be easily integrated with batteries to form a hybrid storage system with improved efficiency and durability:

  • Given the unlimited number of cycles KEST could be used to manage shorter more frequent events, reserving batteries for longer ones, thus extending their service life

  • Single KEST unit could provide as much power as several batteries, meaning that fewer batteries should be kept in reserve to accommodate high-power events, thus reducing the size and cost of the system

  • A hybrid mode could be used to deliver the best of the two types of storage: batteries could be used for longer-term storage, while FES could be used to deliver high power or  to accommodate frequent requests

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Ultra-fast electic refueling
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Ultra-fast EV charging

Key advantages of using KEST in superfast EV charging systems:

  • Superfast charging of multiple electric vehicles to  80%-100% SOC in 5 minutes 

  • Compatibility with an existing electrical infrastructure of petrol stations, business and shopping centers without any expensive modernization

  • Easy integration with any power sources, including  low-power and intermittent ones, like remote grids, renewables, or hydrogen power cells

  • Unique solution for EV charging mobile stations based on light commercial vehicles

«Kinetic» System for Port Cranes’ Energy Recovery

Significant amount of wasted energy could be recovered using KEST

  • «KEST» offers energy recovery and peak power reduction solution for cranes based on the innovative KEST System  

  • With KEST system 40% of the electricity consumed by cranes could be saved by capturing wasted potential energy of lowering cargo and reusing it to power the equipment

  • KEST system could reduce crane’s CO2 emission by 50% by reducing energy consumption and enabling downsizing of the diesel generators

  • KEST system is compatible with most of the modern cranes and could be easily integrated with both the externally connected gird, isolated girds, and cranes powered by generators

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KEST for for electric rail vehicles Energy Recovery

The recovery system captures the excess of regenerative braking energy of rolling stock that would otherwise not be absorbed by the grid:

  • The recovery system significantly (by ~50% ) reduces CO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption and associated losses that occur during energy transit and transformation

  • The recovery system reduces the peak electrical load on the contact network and stabilizes the voltage
    could increase traffic capacity by reducing intervals between the trains through faster acceleration and later braking 

  • The recovery system can be placed both at substations and directly onboard electric trains

Electric grids

Electric grids

Unlimited number of cycles, high power, and fast response make KEST perfect for electric grid applications, including:

  • Frequency regulation by serving as Primary Reserve (Frequency Containment Reserve)

  • Support for smart grids through energy control and redistribution

  • Peak shaving by absorbing excess energy and releasing it to meet the demand 

  • Grid balancing 

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Renewable and Distributed Energy Sources

KEST could facilitate integration and broader adoption of renewable energy sources by improving the quality and reliability of energy supply, including:

  • Frequency and voltage regulation

  • Intraday supply/demand balancing (especially in the isolated grids)

  • Absorption of excess capacity (spikes in generation)

Renewable and Distributed Energy Sources

«KEST» for an uninterruptible power supply system

The use of the KEST will allow:

  • Provide fast response (less than 10 ms) and maintain power supply before starting the backup power source (diesel generators)

  • Reduce the number of starts of standby power supplies during short-term emergency outages and extend their service life

  • Increase the peak power of the fuel cells to the required level

ИБП small.png
Виртуальные ЭлектроСтанции — KEST — применение Накопителя Кинетической Энергии – Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants

KEST’s ability to momentarily switch between charging and discharging, while flexibly controlling power and improving quality of electricity make it an ideal foundation for the VPP :

  • VPP  implements principles of transactive energy by connecting distributed consumers, producer, and prosumers (e.g. consumer with solar panels on a roof) allowing them to trade and exchange energy directly

  • Connected to each other and FES system, smaller consumers and producers can trade with each other and gain access to the energy market 

  • KEST serves as a buffer and a 'place' for energy exchange, while automated control system tracks the energy and financial flows between the members

Virtual Power Plants
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